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By Jasmyne Cannick

How to Vote for President When You Are A No Party Preference Voter

I get it. None of the political parties appeal to you. They all get on your last 🤬 nerve.

I’ve been there too. But for now Imma stay put in the #DemocraticParty and help them be better aka fight. 🥊

But for my No Party Preference voters (formerly Decline to State) IF you want to vote for president you’re gonna have to do a few things first.

Every No Party Preference (NPP) voter has been mailed a notice informing them of their registration and political party preference status. The notice also includes critical information on their options to request a party’s ballot for the March 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

The political party preference you selected when you last registered to vote determines which presidential candidates will be on your ballot.

For example: if you’re registered with the Democratic Party, you’ll see the Democratic Presidential candidates; if you’re registered with the Republican Party you will see the Republican Presidential candidates. If you did not select a political party preference when you last registered then you are considered a No Party Preference voter.

In a Presidential Primary Election, political parties determine whether voters registered with No Party Preference can vote for their party’s presidential candidates. This is known as “crossover” voting.

The American Independent Party, Democratic Party, and Libertarian Party ALLOW No Party Preference voters to crossover and request their party’s ballot.

If you do nothing and you are a No Party Preference voter, you will receive a nonpartisan ballot with NO presidential candidates UNLESS you request a party’s ballot.

More deets are located on the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s website 📍  here.

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