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By Jasmyne Cannick

Don’t Sleep on Voting for County Central Committee Members

Ballots have dropped! So that means technically the election has started and it ends on Tuesday, March 5.

It’s important that you vote down the ballot. Do not skip over the County Central Committee Members.

In my opinion, County Central Committee Member is an intentionally confusing way to say LA County Democratic Party Delegate. That’s what it should really say on our ballots, but it doesn’t. So many people oftentimes just skip over that section of their ballot unaware of the importance of this position.

This has allowed the status-quo to control the Democratic Party for decades.

Every four years 7 people are elected at-large by Democratic voters in each of LA County’s 24 Assembly districts. Those people become Delegates in the LA County Democratic Party and get to vote on who gets the endorsement of the Party, what issues the Party takes up, what the position of the Party is on any given issue, and support for Party endorsed candidates among other things.

Do your research on the names listed on your ballot.

They aren’t expecting you to. That’s how the same people just keep getting elected every four years and it’s why the Democratic Party in Los Angeles is in the state it’s in.\

Many County Central Committee Members on your ballot, just run, especially the ones who have been elected to it for the past 20 years. They don’t explain to you what the position is or what their position is on our county and country’s most pressing issues. Most don’t have a campaign website and most aren’t out here helping other folks to get elected to the same seat. They’re just expecting that if they use the right ballot designation–the title under their name–and the fact that you might remember seeing their name from before–that you’ll just rubber stamp their re-election.

Don’t do it. Do your research and Google the names of the candidates on your ballot running for County Central Committee. Don’t throw your vote away.

Because the more you know!

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